Watch: Israel’s Space Innovation and Education with CEO of the Ramon Foundation, Ran Livne

View the recording of the event by clicking HERE.

This academic year, Professor Haim Suchowski (Tel Aviv University) and Professor Frank Jacobitz (University of San Diego) are co-teaching a course titled “Innovations in Israel” via Zoom. The course connects students and professors in Israel and San Diego using examples of Israeli innovation as a springboard for classroom learning and discussion. You’re invited to “sit in” for a special experience when the class hears from guest speaker, Ran Livne, CEO of the Ramon Foundation.

Israel’s Ramon Foundation is named for Colonel Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut killed on the Columbia Space Shuttle and the only foreign recipient of the United States Congressional Space Medal of Honor. Its mission is to follow Colonel Ramon’s footsteps and assist space industry entrepreneurs with starting their own businesses. Through the most advanced programs in the fields of science, aviation and space, the foundation aims to inspire a new generation of Israeli young people with an exemplary sense of purpose and professionalism.