Watch: Conflict and Cohesion – A Test of Shared Society in Israel

View a recording of the event below.

Over this past week, we’ve watched the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza, resulting in terrible loss of life, disruption, and destruction. At the same time, civil unrest has emerged primarily in Israel’s more diverse cities, uncovering deeply-rooted anger, inequities, fear and trauma. Many observers believe this development is the more existential one, specifically that Israel is at a critical juncture between shared society and civil war. While the various news sources and organizations don’t always present a complex, nuanced picture of what is happening, civil society leaders and scholars on the ground offer insight into scenarios for the future playing out in real time.

Join Professors Tamar Arieli of Tel-Hai College and Marik Shtern of Hebrew University, along with civil society leaders, for an “on-the-ground” virtual briefing.