MGSDII Partners with Tel-Hai College to offer Summer Course

The MGSDII is partnering with Tel-Hai College to offer a course in Israel this summer!

Religions and Interreligious Dialogue in the Galilee is a theoretical and experiential course designed to give students a deeper understanding of the historical, political, and religious background of Galilee communities, and to experience interreligious dialogue. The course takes advantage of the unique setting of Tel-Hai to supplement lectures and panel discussions with on-site learning, meeting with leaders and exploring religious sites of the diverse Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Druze communities. The course will focus on conflict resolution and interreligious dialogue from religious leaders and activists for whom these challenges are part of their daily life.

The course was created by former visiting Israeli Professor at SDSU last year, Tamar Arieli.

More information can be found HERE.