Hear What USD Students Have to Say About Their Academic Trip to Israel

For the second year in a row, the University of San Diego (USD) offered the course “Water in California and Israel: Challenges and Solutions,” made possible by a grant from the MGSDII. As part of the curriculum, the class traveled to Israel in February to learn first-hand the similarities and differences between California and Israel as it relates to engineering and water sustainability. Students and professors met with their peers at the Azrieli College of Engineering, as well as leading Israeli experts in the field. Thank you to our generous donors for supporting this program!

“We immediately connected with the students and all had intriguing cultural questions for the others, especially because these students had already served in the military. The first lecture was from Israel’s previous Head of Desalination and Water Technologies– which is a BIG DEAL! Our experience learning at Azrieli was incredible, and we can’t wait for their students to come and visit us to continue this partnership! ” -Mimi Roberto

“I learned just how vibrant Israel’s culture is, full of wonderful people, beautiful scenery and a lively social life. I am excited to learn -more about Israel and how I can incorporate what I learned on this trip into my life moving forward.” -Sabrina Smith

“We had the pleasure of being students of Dr. Yaal Lester. His first lecture discussed the aspects of analyzing wastewater, which is used to develop a treatment plan for reuse. The lecture prepared us for our time in the lab where we would analyze our specific wastewater sample and determine the exact level of each type of pollutant. It was the perfect way to apply what we had been learning in the classroom at USD.” -Chad Bear