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Watch: Israel’s English-Language Media and its Jewish-American Readers

View a recording of the event below. Join the MGSDII’s Latest Visiting Professor, Gilad Halpern, for a Discussion on Israel’s Booming English-Language Media Industry Over the last few decades, the media industry has suffered a tremendous blow. Decline in trust, the collapse of a once-robust business model, and the proliferation of social media have all turned […]

Watch: Conflict and Cohesion – A Test of Shared Society in Israel

View a recording of the event below. Over this past week, we’ve watched the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza, resulting in terrible loss of life, disruption, and destruction. At the same time, civil unrest has emerged primarily in Israel’s more diverse cities, uncovering deeply-rooted anger, inequities, fear and trauma. Many […]

Watch: The Latest Archaeological Excavations in Jerusalem – Digging in a Glass House

View a recording of the event below. Join Tel Aviv University Professor Yuval Gadot (lead archaeologist at the “City of David” and head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures) and UC San Diego Professor Tom Levy (Norma Kershaw Chair in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands) for an in depth discussion of the excavation’s latest […]

Watch: Jerusalem Live! Modern Dance Performance, Followed by “Talk” with the Artist and Choreographer

View a recording of the event below. “Premier” Israeli Dance Performance “Premier” is a solo dance choreographed by Elad Schechter, founder and principal choreographer of c.a.t.a.m.o.n., for Rand Zeid Taha, a Jerusalem born Palestinian dancer. This interreligious and intercultural dialogue through dance negotiates the sociopolitical tensions and rifts evoked by east/west Jerusalem through the expressive […]

Oscar Nomination Win For MGSDII Emerging Filmmaker!

Dear Friends of the MGSDII, Film has the ability to cross cultural divides, create dialogue, and inspire connections. Israel has developed a flourishing film industry, with movies competing in international film festivals and winning numerous awards. Over the last three years, the MGSDII has partnered with the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival to support an emerging […]

MGSDII Partners with UC Berkeley for Global Internship Program in Israel

UC Berkeley’s Global Internship Program in Israel is launching in a virtual context this summer. It is open to students from all colleges and universities (for 3 credit units). The Global Internship Program in Israel allows students to gain first-hand knowledge, academic credits (3 units), language skills and international work experience through a virtual learning […]